4th and 5th Grade

Fourth and Fifth Grade Judaic Studies

Our two-year curriculum deeply examines Mitzvot and Israel Studies.

Meaning in Mitzvah

Students study Jewish values by examining some of the most important and sustaining mitzvot of our tradition. Traditional practices, modern observances, blessings, stories and ethical values provide deeper meaning to Jewish life-cycle celebrations. Jewish holiday study includes history, practice, relevant mitzvot (commandments), minhagim (customs), Hebrew and English blessings, biblical and rabbinic texts and stories, related rituals, foods, and symbols.

In the months leading up to Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance) the 4th and 5th grade students engage in an age-appropriate novel study of Number the Stars.

Israel Studies—Welcome to Israel!

Students are introduced to the miracle of the Jewish state with a sense of wonder. Students will learn about Israel’s history from ancient times to today.  They will also examine the geography of Israel, as well as its political, commercial, and cultural life. Israel’s struggle to coexist peacefully with its neighbors is presented in a thoughtful and age-appropriate way. The year-long study culminates in a project where the class creates an informational booth to host at the Israel Mini Maker Faire at Irvine Hebrew Day School.


Yearly Field Trips and Projects may include:

  • Cemetery and Geniza Burial ceremony
  • Organizing an Israel booth and exhibit for the Mini Maker Israel Faire
  • Visit to the home for the elderly