8th and 9th Grades

Eighth and Ninth Grades

8th Grade/Adat Noar

Congregation B’nai Tzedek’s (CBT) 8th grade program is a unique educational program that partners with the Orange County Bureau of Jewish Education (OCBJE).

The congregational component consists of students attending two to three classes per month at CBT on Wednesday evenings from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m., utilizing a Jewish educational programming that engages young people in the exploration of Jewish values through photography, and pre and post OCBJE retreat learning.

The OCBJE Adat Noar component combines 8th grade students from all over Orange County for a weekend retreat that brings students together for a camp experience that fosters Jewish identity by connecting them to a vibrant and fun Jewish community, and two Saturday night social Jr. Jewbilation events that provide the opportunity for participants to enjoy hanging out with Jewish friends.

http://www.bjeoc.org/adatnoar/ for additional Adat Noar information

Ninth Grade/TALIT Nation

Ninth grade students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Orange County Bureau of Jewish Education Ninth Grade TALIT Nation community-wide program. Through weekend camp retreats, local overnights, social events, leadership programs and travel opportunities with high school teens from all over Orange County and surrounding communities, TALIT Nation engages students in a special teen Jewish community in which friendships and memories created form bonds that last a lifetime.

Ninth grade students unable to participate in TALIT Nation enroll in the CBT’s 8th/9th grade class on Wednesday evenings, leading up to their participation in Confirmation in their tenth grade year.               


http://www.bjeoc.org/talit/  for additional TALIT Nation Information.